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5 Benefits of Microblading

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Women like to feel beautiful and great about their face and body, however waking up every morning, choosing clothes to wear and apply makeup is exhausting we hope we can shorten it. Thankfully, there are great ways that you can do so you won’t have to apply eyebrow makeup every day which will really save you from the hassle. It’s called microblading, it is a process to make the brows look full without applying eyebrow make up every morning.  


What is Microblading 

It is a process where pigment hair-like strokes are planted in the epidermis to make the brows look fuller. It’s like tattooing your brows, so if you want a natural-looking semi-makeup look this is the best for you. The following are the benefits of getting some.  

Saves Time 

Women spend at least 20-30 minutes doing their brows. The process is not just like outlining the brows then brushing it, it takes a lot of time to get the perfect arc. After that, a concealer is applied to the outlines so the result is clean. And it’s not only the eyebrows that need makeup, it’s the whole face. Imagine spending an hour or more for a look you really want especially for professional woman who needs to look presentable in the office. Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, and it actually proven to be a good solution for those who want the makeup done quickly.  

Beneficial for Those Suffering Hair Loss 

The microblading process is originally done to cancer patients in Asia who have gone through chemotherapy sessions and lost their hair. Now, it’s beneficial for those who have lack of hair growth too. It’s helpful to those who suffer hair diseases and can’t grow full brows. The natural look that microblading gives will make it difficult for others to tell that they had the procedure. So you don’t have to worry about the ugly look of unnatural penciled brows anymore when you can have the natural looking one.  

Doesn’t Smear Off or Smudge 

Unlike the regular makeup you put on your brows, microbladed brows won’t smear off or smudge especially when you’re doing any physical activity. You don’t have to worry anymore about losing your brow’s look, because again it is semi-permanent. For women who are physically active, doing workouts or playing sports, you can do whatever activities you want without worrying about your brows smudging off.  

Painless Process 

Many people think that the process is painful, because it involves blades and blading your brows. However, Towson microblading is actually painless because the experts will apply strong numbing cream on your brows. You will only feel a carving sensation during the process but it’s totally safe.  


You don’t have to worry how long the microbladed brows will last because it can stay on for 1-3 years based on your exposure to the environment. It is semi-permanent so you can change the shape whenever a new trend comes. It is a worthy process because you don’t have to spend too much on eyebrow products anymore.  


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