5 Things to Consider When Doing a Landscape 

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If you have a big vacant backyard, it’s best to transform that space into something useful and beautiful. One of the ways to do this is installing a landscape. A landscape doesn’t only beautify your house even more, it also adds property value. But landscaping is not an easy job. It is complicated, and before you embark on such projects, you have to collaborate with professionals of Coeur D’ Alene Landscape.  


There are lots of things to consider when doing such projects, so you have to make sure that you’re on the right track. In this article, we are sharing with you some things to do when you plan your dream landscape.  

Type of Yard 

Yards are not the same. There are big and small yards, sloped and flay yards, and any more. It’s important that you know the type of yard you have, because that would have a huge impact on your planning. First, you have to determine the type of soil, the climate and the topography of the location. It would also be up to you what microclimates you want to achieve, since the type of plants you would choose will determine the categories of shade your yard will have.  

Purpose of the Yard 

The purpose of the landscape is very important. Not all landscape looks the same or has the same purpose. You can make the yard as a place for outdoor entertainment or a play area. You can also make it as a space for the plants and trees you want to grow and fill the space with your plan collection. When planning the landscape, you can designate the spaces for different uses so the space is wisely utilized. Of course, the budget and maintenance will have a huge impact on this.  


Since it’s your yard, you can transform it into any theme you like. Having a theme will help you a lot on choosing what flowers and trees to plant and lights to install. The theme will also help you decide on the forms and shapes your landscape will have. Of course, when you decide on the theme, make sure you go back to the things you should consider on number 1. You can match the landscape’s theme with your house’s design, or you can make decide on something else.  

Flowers and Plants 

Another factor to consider is the purpose/function of the flowers and trees you’re going to plant. Do you want to grow fruits and vegetables for your own consumption, or add aroma to the place? Are the flowers there for beautifying purposes? Deciding on their function will help you a lot. Once you do, you can then decide what type of lights to install to match them, where to place them and many more.  

Plant Structuring 

Landscaping is not just about putting the plants where you want it to be. You can improve the whole aesthetics appeal of the landscape by structuring the plants. The visual planes (vertical, overhead, ground) should be considered.  

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